St. Mary's



Our School, St. Mary’s, was built in 1988. Our late Rev. Bishop Balaswamy  started the school with the intention of giving a good education for  neglected girls in surrounding villages. At one time, there were  more than 100 girls in the school and the boarding home. Due to some bad incidents, the school and boarding home were neglected. Now we are in the process of restoring the whole school building and boarding home.

At the present time we have painted the school inside and outside.   This has made a cleaner atmosphere for the children.  We need funds to build a larger school to accommodate over the 350 children that we presently have. My present bishop, M. D. Praksam, is interested to take up this project and bring back life for the Catholic Community.  He appointed me, Father Bala, to take up this big project.  I believe  with the Help of God and with help from kind generous donors, I can build a nice school building and surroundings for the Orphans and  children of this area.